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Sitting in a cafe


Life happens around tables...

        We eat



                                Encounter Jesus

We take time to slow down and eat together (a meal or a simple snack and drinks), share about our weeks and honestly answer the question "How are you doing?" 


We will be meeting at the church from 6:30 - 8 PM on Tuesday evenings.  There will be a coffee and connecting time to start and then 1 hour of time around tables.  Our "curriculum" is the talk from that previous Sunday's talk.  We take time to take a look at how it applies and how it matters to our life.  

Kids matter and so does their walk with Jesus. Each child is created unique by God and our hope is to help them get to know the God who intentionally made them.


Kids join us for the first part of our gathering for the singing and special kids feature.  After the kids feature, children are able to grab a Praise Pack which includes crafts, a snack and other activities.  They can take those with them to the tables along the side to use during the gathering.  The kids packs are new each week and parallel what everyone else is learning about during the teaching time.  


There is a nursery available for infants (0-2) and their caregivers at the back of the auditorium. In it there is a small selection of toys, a washroom and change table, and a private room for nursing mothers.


PLAYGROUP - Each Tuesday morning from 9:30-11:30 AM kids   (0-5 years old) and their caregivers are invited to come for a morning out.  We will have a fresh pot of coffee ready for you and a room to sit and relax in as the kids play, discover and have fun.   

MOVIE NIGHTSThe third Saturday of each month, everyone is welcome to join us for a family friendly movie.  We provide the popcorn and drinks.  You just need to bring your stuffies, pillows and blankets and come enjoy a movie with us.  (Our Facebook Page will have updates on what movie we will be watching.)

Image by Ben Wicks


Table Groups
Image by Ben White


Prayer is one way to talk to God and also a way that He talks to us.  Prayer is a personal conversation with God yet is also something we do together with others.  


We have  a room set aside for prayer (just off of the main lobby).  This room allows you to pray creatively and connect with God in ways beyond the traditional bowing of your head and talking.  There is art supplies, interactive options and various writing stations (thanksgiving, verses of meaning, prayer for the city, etc) where you can write on the paper lined walls.  The prayer room is open during office hours.  


We gather mid-week for a cup of coffee and to connect.  There is no set agenda, just talking and laughter.  

We meet at the Medicine Hat Mall food court (near the Tim Hortons).

If you want to connect with others, enjoy some coffee or just need to get out of the house then join us.

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coffee time
Image by Kyler Nixon

hymn sings

We recognize that everyone has a different connection with God and that is expressed through different styles of worship.

Every other month we have a Hymn Sing from 6 - 7 pm.  This evening is open to everyone.

Feb. 12,  Apr. 16, June 11

hymn sings
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