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Everyone is on a journey.  One of the best ways to encounter Jesus is by doing life with others.  We create environments where people can connect with others and help each other to become a better follower of Jesus. 

We want to be a church where we know each other not just know of each other.  The easiest way to do this is to share a meal together.

Three times a year (Feb-Mar; May-June; Oct-Nov) we have weekly shared meal gatherings in a home from 5:30 - 7:00pm.  This meal is open to everyone: singles, couples, families.


At Refuel we  value Connection, Contribution, Conversation.

Connection - We get to know one another as we gather in a home around the table.

Contribution - Everyone is asked to bring something to the shared meal whether it is food, drinks or even a bag of ice.  Often there will be a theme for the food to bring and share (Mexican food, family favorite, breakfast dish, etc).  We also create a list of suggested food people can bring to help contribute to the meal.

Conversation - We have a simple dialogue question to discuss during the gathering to get to know each other better (ie. A favorite place you have visited?  One of the craziest things you have ever done? etc).

Image by Spencer Davis


Sitting in a cafe

table groups

Life happens around tables.  Whether it is a coffee table, restaurant booth, or dining room table.


As we sit together, we share about our weeks and honestly answer the question "How are you doing?" 


Table groups is where we connect with other and help each other become more like Jesus.  Our groups use the Sunday as a guide for further discussion.  Table groups include coffee and connecting time to start and then 1 hour of dialogue, discussion and prayer.    

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